Sarus stands out from the competition with its extensive service palette, its service excellence, its knowledge of products’ user environments, and its understanding of customers’ needs.

Site Management Services

Our efficient completion of projects arises from our operating model, where everything is based on the customer’s needs. We strictly abide by our customers’ safety, scheduling, cost and quality requirements. We work as a partner, in open and transparent collaboration with the customer.

Steel Structure Supervision

Our steel structure supervisors ensure the quality, documentation and technical details of steel work on construction sites, with professional expertise and in line with the customer’s demands. Our personnel have extensive knowledge of the supervision of steel structures.

Installation Supervision

Our installation supervisors ensure the quality, timeliness, documentation and technical details of installation work. They represent the customer in monitoring the completion of installations according to the end client’s demands and plans.

Our installation supervision services cover steel component installation work, as well as electrical and automation work carried out during construction.

Mechanical Installations

We carry out steel component installations, steel structure erection work, and mechanical machine installations.

Our installation engineers have solid experience of challenging industrial machinery and equipment installations. Our competent and comprehensively trained personnel will ensure installations are completed swiftly, cost-effectively and safely.

We use modern alignment systems in our installation and calibration jobs. Measurement results are documented and reported according to customers’ needs.

Electrical and automation work

We offer high-end electrical and automation services to both private and industrial customers. Our expert services cover electrical installations, industrial electrification, construction electrics and servicing and maintenance of electrical equipment. Our comprehensive experience of diverse industrial sectors allows us to work in various kinds of industrial environment in Finland and abroad.

We also supply complete electrical and automation systems, covering everything from planning to installation and commissioning.

Our operation supervision services place a trained, qualified electrical professional at your service to look after and ensure the safety and regulatory compliance of your electrical equipment.


Crane Modernizations & Restorations

Whether you're looking to increase performance or reduce maintenance, Sarus has the expertise needed to evolve your crane with modernization or restoration services.

Crane Demolitions & Relocations

With the highest focus on safety, we perform engineered crane demolitions in active ports and terminals, and also the complete relocation of cranes as per customer needs. Our comprehensive understanding of cranes and their designs, positions us as leaders in crane decommissioning and relocation projects.


Thanks to an extensive network of partners, we can supply steel structures, lightweight structures, subassemblies and components, having the necessary surface treatments, cost-effectively and according to your quality requirements. If necessary, we can dip into a large international network of subcontractors for added resources and expertise. We are happy to develop and design new technical solutions to fulfil all your needs.

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